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We lead the niche in providing specified content that our readers relate to, being technology inclined writers gives us the edge over all other publishers and news reporters when it comes to letting the general public know more about the latest technology.

More than half the cases when we cover a new device or ground breaking technology, we would have already used the innovation and only have the first hand information to pass on. The majority of readers who come to our website in search of great technology content have adopted technology as a way of life, which challenges us to deliver only the most relevant and article publications all the time.

In a world where everyone is a potential news source, you can guarantee our awareness of false sources. Through the publishing times, we have filtered the false sources out and perfected the processes that lead to the greatest content across all the content platform competition.

Since we have the job of updating all our readers with the most up to date technology, our platform also stays at the front of others and that can be attributed to the readers, who also play a part, letting us know what they like design wise.

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