Top 20 Commercial Aircraft Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Companies 2016

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The maintenance, repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft involves the preservation and inspection of commercial cargo and passenger aircraft. MRO is not short of inspection, replacement and repair activities for the airframe. It touches on parts and equipment that are involved in the flight.

In addition, the engines and components are not left out in MRO. These activities however lockout modification that aim to enhance the customer experience, through for instance, improving the deck. This is very important in the aviation industry as a whole.


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MRO can take place in between flights or require the aircraft to be paralysed for some time. Similarly, an accident may necessitate the need for MRO as well as regulatory requirements for servicing. An accident would normally call for the replacement or repair of the problematic part.

The kind of MRO is influenced by the aircraft used by different airlines. As well, the number of aircrafts which are pegged on demand affect MRO.

What is Essential About Commercial Aircraft MRO

There are evolving needs for MRO with increasing demand for bespoke services in order to meet companies’ operational requirements

The market demands MRO operators who are skilled in a number of services and are able to adapt to the market

There are more and more original equipment manufacturers, and this is demanding more MRO abilities and pricing

Original equipment manufacturers are increasing their hold on the MRO space because of technical expertise.

There is a listing of the top 20 MRO companies by Visiongain that assesses commercial aircraft MRO entities based on market share, contracts and financials. They have evaluated the performance of these companies, their competition, and the kind of technologies they employ. There is also mention of the product and service offerings. The companies are further ranked based on noteworthy strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The evaluation by Visiongain incorporates the MRO companies for the major players in the aircraft business. There are ranging player in the list of top 20 with a combination of those who offer exhaustive services and those who specialise on specific areas.

The MRO market is established and very few airlines service their aircrafts. A significant number outsource these services in order to manage fleet expansion and get the best of know-how.

Visiongain provide the profiles and ranks the top 20 by market share and revenue as follows:

AAR Corporation

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance

Airbus SAS

Ameco Beijing

Boeing Company

Bombardier Inc.

British Airways Engineering

Delta TechOps

GE Aviation

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company (HAECO) Ltd

Iberia Maintenance

Lufthansa Technik AG

MTU Aero Engines AG

Rolls-Royce plc

SIA Engineering Company Ltd

SR Technics

ST Aerospace Ltd

TAP Maintenance & Engineering

Turkish Technic

United Technologies Corporation

These companies are competitive and offer a range of MRO services. They also hold a significant share of the market. Knowing the top players is crucial information for airlines,

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