Tips for Your MSP Marketing Toolkit

To benefit more as an IT-managed service provider, you have to keep adding to your customer list and get more revenue from existing customers. Your operations also have to be cost effective to make business sense.

It is to this effect that there is Managed Service Provider marketing toolkit that enables these providers to relay their marketing message in front of customers and target market inexpensively. The tips below will help profit optimally from MSP marketing toolkit:

Take Advantage of RSS Feeds

While doing MSP marketing, you can use Rich Site Summary feeds which form a crucial part of the marketing toolkit and do not add much to the costs. You only incur costs during set-up. There are also a number of affordable tools such as Google Feedburner. They help you display your content in many social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and therefore get more publicity.


The advantage of an RSS feeds is that they will publish the summary of your blog content that is ideal to post to your newsletter, email or website. It further updates other social media platforms. It also extends to other platforms, and you may as well engage your trade association, chamber of commerce, or marketing network to subscribe to your feed.

The main agenda is to get your MSP marketing message circulated to prospective customers and at the same time generate search engine optimisation links for the content on your blog and website.

Have a Newsletter on Your Website

You can take advantage of your email marketing list when consolidating the MSP marketing toolkit. It is a cost-conscious way that helps you achieve about 30 percent when used to send newsletters. Nonetheless, you have to create this list from scratch and that’s where the challenge normally lies.

You can email a newsletter to those customers that you meet and even have a subscription link on your website. It is as simple as having a Subscribe button as an option on your website.

Make Use of Offers

Another way to reduce the cost of your MSP marketing is to include free offers on your website. You will be amazed at how this is able to attract customers. There are some service providers who give free onsite consultation and free network health checks or IT security reviews.

These are great offers that turn the potential customers your way. It helps build strong relationships with the customers and lets them know that you can offer so much more. Furthermore, you can combine this with a landing page on your website to easily direct customers to the free services that you offer.

Bottom Line

Just like other marketing methods, it may take several attempts to appeal to prospective customers with MSP marketing toolkit. One way that your MSP marketing toolkit will work is if someone subscribes to your newsletter after viewing your RSS feed. It may also take reading your newsletter before making the decision to ask for a consultation session and subsequently your services.

It is brilliant way of making your MSP marketing toolkit valuable yet affordable. In addition, you start off on the right path with prospective customers and improve the visibility of your firm.

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