IT support companies in Edmonton keen on Adopting DevOps

While a lot of technical knowledge has been proven by the many in the field of IT in Edmonton, there has always been a crack between the capable hands of the support teams and the creative development teams that resort to coding their way out of routine tasks. It support Edmonton claims that the divide has always caused projects to be disjointed when implementation steps in from a completed and sometimes iterative development phase. Because the development phase can shift versions as fast chameleons change their shade, the rapid changes don’t always get across to the support teams in a manner that streamlines future collaboration between the two sides.

The new study recently published by the Atlassian, had overwhelming proof of the dissatisfaction that support personnel feel towards the entire development of software solutions and their allowed degree of involvement in the process. The vast majority of support personnel are only involved in the projects that they are expected to know by heart when they have well passed prior stages that could have helped them in delivering to final users. The survey’s respondents showed a polar relationship between the teams that craft up even the most innovative solutions to business problems.


The 2016 conducted survey, in association with the HDI, a technical support association with enough reach to make the sample stand for the industry, delivered a suggestion that DevOps be more encouraged. Of the thousands of companies that submitted their opinions and versions of how the argument affects their businesses, a mere 21% had implemented a DevOps model. These were reportedly experiencing better end user satisfaction due to the support teams’ constant state of awareness of changes in the systems and what these mean for the end user.

Jenny Rains, an experienced analyst with the HDI, explained how the setup would be more than a financial raincoat for companies that realize the advantage of an ever present support team to complement efforts by the development teams in making a product better. Afterall, the only point of contact close enough to make the changes made at the development level take effect at the operational level is none other than the support personnel. The show of intent by most companies to discuss the crack shows that hope is not lost in the quest to attaining a perfectly fluid development engine.

The IT support Edmonton requires is no exception from the prevalent state of disconnected phases in the development and deployment of solutions to the mounting problems that businesses need. It may be the only way to be collectively prepared for some of the worst cyber attack seasons to come into the picture. With millions already lost in the first quarter of 2016, there is no reason worth maintaining the functional division for. There also is no attack too small not bring them together as we have seen from a hacker gaining valuable cracking information that has saved business and individuals millions in ransom.

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