Gartner : 2016 spending on IT services in Edmonton and Beyond


The all important research house, Gartner, has released new findings that the amount of spending due for the industry is due to rise significantly from last years figure of 910 billion dollars adding 19 billion more in 2016. This is a projected up in comparison to the figures that accumulated and were recorded in 2015. The picture has a correlated relationship to the low dip expected when the research was done involving hardware sales. The adoption of hosted servers means less funds will be channeled towards buying hardware the low dip is not a discouragement to the industry as a whole, with a total of 3.5 trillion dollars.

The tightening of pockets and less spending that IT services Edmonton has been using to service business requirements, can be felt in other areas where spending is the driving factor. The news won’t be giving the managed services providers in business worried as they need to be, being on the side that digitizes business operations their side is the one getting business attention. Attention in 2016 means investment and that is good news, more clients are looking to get from legacy models into the cloud, and MSPs are the vehicle to perfect migration and support.


The vice president and experienced researcher at Gartner confirmed the urgent need for companies to take more of their assets into the digital range of solutions. The other option for businesses who stick to the old ways of doing business is getting washed out and irrelevant as clients always trust new ways to better serve their problems.

This is the reason why buying of the architecture in the form of servers has been on the low and near replacement thanks to the cloud taking up most of the spotlight. Even small companies in 2016 will be looking up to IT services Edmonton has groomed, in order to get the functions that will make spending more controlled and take great results out of control.

The report indicated how companies that are cash strapped were slowly moving over to the cloud by using a twin system of models. On one half there is the hardware managed on the company’s premises, then there is a side with services offered via very fast internet offer software as a service.

Software solutions to communication requirements such as Voice over LTE mean the telecommunication companies get less calls for handsets while more hours are bought to communicate online with clients.

While the 2016 lookout is great and shows growth, more research firms have looked a little further into the future and predict spending in the Global IT spending will go up as more solutions become available for adoption to the problems set to mount on businesses and even individuals as the year progresses.

Statista predicts 2017 to be a growth year that will carry businesses into better service levels and more options to use for their problems. The jump from 929 to 970 billion dollars should be indicative of what’s to come.

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